Whether you are a software or hardware manufacturer, programmer or IT trainer, Supplier of accessories or internet service provider and whether you operate on a national or international level, Alpster is the ideal partner for any size of businesses, self-employed and freelancers.

Our consultants has long range of experience in different domain in different geographical locations like UK, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, Germany and S/N America.

We offer all business-relevant consultancy services from one source and assist you with all Business Intelligent, Information technology integration, economic, organisational and financial matters.

Our Consultants provide the bellow IT/Telecom based services:

  • Big data management

  • Mobile application development guidance and implementation

  • Web technology using Python, dot Net and Java

  • Database administration

  • Project management

  • Windows application

  • Networking and system administration

  • VOIP and IPPBX consultation

  • Cloud server management